Chief Barista


Narendra Mandadapu

Narendra Mandadapu

Hi, I am the chief barista at the Keywords Cafe and I live in the U.K with my family. I am a senior software engineer and work for a corporate company. Here on this site, I serve you hot keyword packs with easy to rank keywords and show you how to make a good coffee at your home.

I rather let my workmanship talk than my words. Fee free to roam around and don’t forget to say hello to me

“Life is mostly froth and bubble, Two things stand like stone. Kindness in another's trouble, Courage in your own.”

I also write content as a ghostwriter. I write epic content like skyscraper content and charge a minimum of $1000 per article.

I am just setting up the site and provided bare minimum here. I am going to write more about me and my experience here in a few days. Please come back and check.

Many thanks.